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NOON Aesthetics Advanced Skin Peel

NOON Aesthetics” provides a wide range of products and solutions that enables remarkable results relating to a wide variety of skin concerns.

Clients concerns can include sun damage, aging skin, loss of elasticity, hyper-pigmentation, acne. NOON’s product line incorporates a professional line of products with a high concentration of active ingredients.

These ingredients effectively treat the skin without unwanted side effects such as burning, redness, irritation and discomfort, due to the use of DermShield™ technology. By utilising certified top – quality ingredients and an uncompromising adherence to precise concentrations, clients are able to experience very remarkable results that are not achievable with any other line of product.

Due to the additive DermShield™ Noon Aesthetics Chemical Peels are unique. When chemical irritants such as Azelaic acid or alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) that are included in high concentrations in skin peels along with other skin products, nerve fibres called type c nociceptors are activated. The result of this is neurogenic inflammation. This happens when blood vessels dilate causing erythema – redness and edema (swelling). In addition, mast cells are also activated which release histamine. Nerve impulse continues to the brain causing sensation of sting, burn & itch.

When DermShield™ is included within peelings and skin care products, the activation of type c nociceptors is reduced. Neurogenic inflammation and other side effects are avoided.

The nerve impulse to the brain is decreased and the sensation of sting, burn & itch is also greatly reduced.

What is a Peel?

A skin resurfacing treatment that removes the outermost layer of the skin; removing dead skin cells and stimulating the growth of new cells and collagen. Improving the texture, appearance and smoothness resulting in younger skin. They are also used to treat discolouration, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, scars, discolouration, pigmentation, rosacea and breakouts.

A Noon Consultation is required.

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