Prevention Advanced Smartblend Mineral Moisturizer SPF 50+



Colour-correcting tint and soothing hydration for daily wear and post-care use.
Helps to protect against the effects of UV rays and blue light.
Vegan squalane derived from sugarcane moisturizes the skin, helping to support its moisture barrier.
A botanical blend of green seaweed, holy Thai basil and lady’s thistle extract helps to soothe the skin.
Contains transparent zinc oxide, proven to have a high safety profile
Water resistant (80 minutes).
Recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as safe and effective sun protection.
Physician formulated and dermatologist tested
Formulated without oxybenzone, octinoxate and parabens
Fragrance free
Animal test-free certified by PETA


The Daily Prevention Advanced Smartblend is a colour-correcting daily moisturiser with XOSM™ Technology. Designed to soothe, neutralise redness and boosts hydration to reinforce the skin’s vital moisture barrier while providing broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen protection for compromised or sensitive skin.